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Waterfall Polarizer

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The Singh-Ray Bryan Hansel Waterfall Polarizer When photographing waterfalls, one of the popular looks is to make the water look silky. On the waterfall workshops I teach, it’s the most sought-after effect to learn. Photographers love the look and being able to achieve the silky look brings a smile to a photographer’s face. The look also changes the emotional impact of your shot. With the silky look, the image feels more peaceful and calming which is one of the emotions …

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Bryan Hansel Waterfall Polarizer

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The Bryan Hansel Waterfall Polarizer is a completely new and different type of filter designed specifically for taking photographs of waterfalls.  The Bryan Hansel Waterfall Polarizer puts the power of a polarizer and a Solid ND Filter to work for you. The Bryan Hansel Waterfall Polarizer is a single, easy-to-love filter — eliminating the need to stack! This new filter makes it easier than ever to capture heart-stopping images of silky waterfalls and river rapids, without any of the potential hurdles from stacking filters, such as light-leakage and vignetting.

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Randall J. Hodges

In by Randall J. Hodges

“As an all-in-camera shooter, balancing light is critical. Singh-Ray offers the truest neutral tone and exceptional quality. They are the only brand I use and recommend to my students. I never head out in the field without my Singh-Ray filters… Never!”

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More than just a camera

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Editor’s note: We’re pleased to welcome Mark Lissik, a longtime Singh-Ray shooter and acclaimed photographer and workshop leader, to our team. Be sure to take a look at his new pro gallery page on this site.  No matter what your photographic abilities the challenge of keeping your creative level at its peak can be daunting and one I face every time I pick up a camera. It is all too easy to fall into a creativity rut where we tend …

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Get into the flow… using filters for dramatic waterfall photography

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Editor’s note: Robert Clark is a master of waterfall photography. He is a graphic designer, architect, landscape photographer and teacher – and works as a media designer, manager and frequent photographer for the National Park Service. This post is loaded with Bob’s great waterfall shots and tips! Waterfall photography is a very popular among landscape photographers. Of all the landscape images I make, I find that shooting waterfalls remains my favorite in terms of subject matter. Capturing the very real …

Fall in New Hampshire – An Annual Color Riot

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Our annual New Hampshire photography tour is one of our most visually stimulating workshops. We’ve been shooting and conducting workshops there for 15 years and really look forward to going back each year. It’s also when I keep my Singh Ray filters close at hand. Clear, chilly mornings will be wet, creating a glow on the fallen colorful leaves patterns, which is always a great subject. However, the color can be dulled by the glare deflecting light away, resulting in …

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Using Singh-Ray polarizers to enhance hot air balloon images in Albuquerque’s early morning light

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There is no doubt that New Mexico is blessed with a multitude of dramatic natural areas and inspiring historical architecture, but what really stirs the soul of this photographer is the magnificent light to be found in the state. This is particularly true of the northern areas around the Sangre de Cristo and Sandia mountain ranges. During this most recent visit, I found all the national parks to be closed, but nobody had been able to turn off the light. …

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Several recent trips add many new high-resolution images to a website gallery

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As a result of all that travel and shooting, I have been able to post over 150 photos in the New Images section on my website. That would include the image above of sunrise through fog with boats at Newport Harbor, Oregon. Here I used my Pentax 645D with a three-stop soft-step Graduated ND filter over the sky. I like the softness and moodiness of the image. I have also posted another 130 images that have been ‘reprocessed.’ These are …

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To improve his digital landscapes, all this student needed was a Next Level workshop and two Singh-Ray Filters

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Next Level Workshop instructors Darrell Moll and Rod Brown freely admit that landscape photography is a nice escape from the business of running their regular studios. “If the truth be known,” says Darrell, “we would prefer to do nothing else but take pictures of the great American landscape and share our images and knowledge with others, but that may still be a few years down the road.” “There is no place I’d rather be in mid-April than in the Smoky …

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It was not a very lucky day for Susan and Neil Silverman to visit the Racetrack in Death Valley

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Co-Authored by: Neil Silverman For anyone visiting Death Valley National Park, one of the intriguing attractions is the Racetrack Playa. This is an area in an ancient dry-lake bed where mysteriously moving rocks make tracks in the mud surface of the lakebed. Endless studies have been made, attempting to determine what force is actually moving the rocks. Getting out to the Racetrack is no easy matter — as in 27 miles of tough ‘washboard’ driving on primitive dirt road. We …