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Some tips and techniques from the “Last Frontier”

In Equipment & Technique, ND Filters, Polarizing Filters, Special Events by Jeff Schultz

Editor’s note: We are pleased to welcome Jeff Schultz to our blog. Jeff has lived in Alaska for close to 40 years and conducts workshops and custom tours to many of his favorite locations throughout the state. Canon 5D Mark III with 16-35mm f4 lens at 19mm, f9 for 4 minutes ISO 400. Singh-Ray Mor-Slo 10-stop ND Filter and 3-stop, Hard-edge Galen Rowell ND Grad. Filter It! Being an old-school film photographer, I’ve always maintained that making the image the best I …

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Palouse Light

In Equipment & Technique, Landscapes, Polarizing Filters, Scenes & Scenarios, Special Events by John Barclay

It’s hard to explain rationally, but there are some locations for me where the light is just different – with a special quality unique to that area. One place that qualifies is Cape Cod, whose light is described in photos and words in Joel Meyerowitz’s ground-breaking book Cape Light. Another area I’d definitely nominate for the extraordinary quality of its light is the Palouse, an approximately 4,000 square mile area in Northeast Idaho and Southwest Washington, about 30 minutes south …

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Using Singh-Ray polarizers to enhance hot air balloon images in Albuquerque’s early morning light

In Equipment & Technique, Landscapes, Polarizing Filters, Scenes & Scenarios, Special Events by Ernesto Santos

There is no doubt that New Mexico is blessed with a multitude of dramatic natural areas and inspiring historical architecture, but what really stirs the soul of this photographer is the magnificent light to be found in the state. This is particularly true of the northern areas around the Sangre de Cristo and Sandia mountain ranges. During this most recent visit, I found all the national parks to be closed, but nobody had been able to turn off the light. …

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Visiting Denali National Park at just the right time to join the 30 percent club

In Equipment & Technique, Landscapes, ND Filters, Polarizing Filters, Scenes & Scenarios, Special Events by Steve Kossack

Not since my 45 RPM record collection dominated my life during the 50’s and 60’s have I been as interested in gathering information and experiencing a subject in as much detail as I now give to our National Parks system. The parks and the landscapes they present were the reason I returned to school in the 80’s to learn the art of photography, but I had no idea I would spend so much time in them. The green of the …

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Tribute to the 4th of July

In Equipment & Technique, Scenes & Scenarios, Special Events, UV Filters by Joe DiMaggio

I am one of the luckiest people in the world. Many of my friends are artists whether they be painters, writers, poets, musicians, photographers or what have you. What’s the term that is used — starving artists. Every once in a while I tend to complain and moan about the state of the union. Several friends have reminded me if I don’t like the state of the union I can go somewhere else. To be honest, I’ve been lucky enough to …