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With over 15 years of photography experience, David has over 100 images published in books, magazines, and calendars around the globe.  David is continuously inspired by both landscape and wildlife photography and has photographed across Western Canada, the Yukon, several US states, as well as Italy. 


Recently, David became Singh-Ray Filters’ first international brand ambassador, as well as other well-known brands like f-stop Gear, Topaz Labs, and FLM Canada tripods.


Originally from St. Catharines, Ontario, David moved to British Columbia, Canada in 1993, and then to Sidney, British Columbia in 2002, where he currently resides.  In October 2020, David “retired” from his past career in the fitness industry to pursue nature photography full-time.


David is passionate about preserving old growth forests and works to increase public awareness through his nature photography and videography.  David recently won the prestigious “Best in Class” Award in Fine Art at the 2020 Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) National Image Competition.  David also qualified as a finalist in the same competition for the Canadian Photographic Artist of the Year.  David also recently received his Advanced Operations Drone Pilot License, which has helped him employ drone photography for a diverse range of photographic work.  In addition to


David leads photography workshops on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the BC Mainland Coast, and the Arctic listed on his web site.

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