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Adventures in Costa Rica’s rain and cloud forests

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What would be different about this particular trip, was that — despite the incredible photographic opportunities presented by Costa Rica’s vast biodiversity of wildlife — my focus would be on capturing landscapes of the rain and cloud forests of Monteverde. Our journey would also include a brief jaunt into the northern tropical dry forest area of Guanacaste and Santa Rosa National Park. Finding strong compositions within the tropical rain and cloud forests is challenging. Simply put, these forests are busy. There …

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Several recent trips add many new high-resolution images to a website gallery

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As a result of all that travel and shooting, I have been able to post over 150 photos in the New Images section on my website. That would include the image above of sunrise through fog with boats at Newport Harbor, Oregon. Here I used my Pentax 645D with a three-stop soft-step Graduated ND filter over the sky. I like the softness and moodiness of the image. I have also posted another 130 images that have been ‘reprocessed.’ These are …

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Leading two workshops to Utah for a great adventure in fall colors and amazing scenery

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Each of the workshops, lasted five days with a two-day private excursion with two friends tagged onto the end. Needless to say, it was a long steady pace with very little sleep. I left California on October 25 with my co-instructor Scott Schilling. We took an early morning flight from San Jose, California to Las Vegas, Nevada, and then drove another 8 hours to Moab, Utah — which would be home base for my Arches/Canyonlands Workshop. I like to time …

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Visiting Navajo Country and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with LB Polarizers

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We were blessed with fantastic clouds, sunrises, and sunsets every morning and night, resulting in some of the best photographic opportunities I have had since moving to Arizona 18 years ago. As leader of the workshop, however, capturing great photographs is secondary to providing individual attention to the students. However, while everyone was busy firing away, I was able to take a number of photographs that I am very happy with. On the first morning, we were guided by our …

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Marking my first decade as a nature photographer with eight-day trip to the Canadian Rockies

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I was 19 and determined to become a nature photographer as well as a studio artist. Last May, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts — concentrating in Photography — from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I am now a fine arts graduate student at the University of Texas at Arlington expecting to graduate in 2014. As I have advanced in my studies, I have remained undecided on my future career path to becoming a professional nature photographer. …

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Feeling fortunate to photograph the rocky coast of Maine any day of the year

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Living on the rugged coast of Maine provides a nearly endless coastline dotted with thousands of islands, inlets, and waterways to be explored and photographed in every season of the year. How could any serious outdoor photographer wish for more? But there is plenty more to appreciate about the Maine Coast… like the four distinct seasons we have. Each brings its own weather, its own colors, and its own nature. Winters can be harsh — freezing cold and wet. Spring …

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Used the same Singh-Ray filter for every image in this story. Can you guess which filter?

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Then about 3 years ago my wife started running marathons, and I would tag along to explore each new city and take photos. When I submitted some of my marathon images while applying for credentials, I was asked if I would photograph the entire marathon from a creative point of view. That’s when my travel photography business was born. I covered about 12 marathons this past year and it looks like it will be even more next year. Every marathon …

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Steve Kossack’s new location moves him closer to his two favorite national parks

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I’ve just visited two of my most favorite National Parks now that they are closer than ever, When I first moved to the deserts of Arizona ten years ago, I considered Page AZ but did not move there. Instead I went a couple of hundred miles south to the small town of Cottonwood, about 100 miles north of Phoenix. For more than a decade, Phoenix served as a terrific base for conducting my various photo workshops throughout the western states. …

Learning to photograph where we are, prepares us to photograph anywhere we go

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Like many serious landscape photographers,Chris Moore finds that balancing the demands of a busy career, family life, and the search for dramatic landscapes is a challenge. “With just a couple of weeks a year to travel to exotic places,” says Chris, “my appetite for landscape photography has to be fulfilled close to home most of the time. Since integrating Singh-Ray filters into my workflow over the past year, however, I’m capturing more dramatic images wherever I’m shooting. It’s mostly here today, …