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Palouse Light

In Equipment & Technique, Landscapes, Polarizing Filters, Scenes & Scenarios, Special Events by John BarclayLeave a Comment

It’s hard to explain rationally, but there are some locations for me where the light is just different – with a special quality unique to that area. One place that qualifies is Cape Cod, whose light is described in photos and words in Joel Meyerowitz’s ground-breaking book Cape Light. Another area I’d definitely nominate for the extraordinary quality of its light is the Palouse, an approximately 4,000 square mile area in Northeast Idaho and Southwest Washington, about 30 minutes south …

Fall in New Hampshire – An Annual Color Riot

In Equipment & Technique, ND Filters, Polarizing Filters, Scenes & Scenarios by Tony SweetLeave a Comment

Our annual New Hampshire photography tour is one of our most visually stimulating workshops. We’ve been shooting and conducting workshops there for 15 years and really look forward to going back each year. It’s also when I keep my Singh Ray filters close at hand. Clear, chilly mornings will be wet, creating a glow on the fallen colorful leaves patterns, which is always a great subject. However, the color can be dulled by the glare deflecting light away, resulting in …

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Art Wolfe Working the Image: The Night Fisherman

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Editor’s note: When I read this part of Singh-Ray shooter Art Wolfe’s book The New Art of Photographing Nature, I wondered how many photographers would be willing to reveal this much of their creative process, warts and all. Thanks to Art for letting us share his insight here. Incidentally, Art used a Singh-Ray Galen Rowell graduated neutral density filter in the final image. People sometimes imagine that great photographs are composed in a flash of inspiration, arriving in the world …

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Why do you still use filters? Why not just bracket?

In Equipment & Technique, Landscapes, Polarizing Filters, Scenes & Scenarios, Water Features by Brian RuebLeave a Comment

My grandmother still handwrites letters. My mother still makes all her desserts from scratch. When we make pasta, I still grate the cheese by hand. I also use filters when I take photos. What do all of these things have to do with one another? I’ll tell you. I’ve used filters for most of my twenty years in photography. A Singh-Ray polarizer was the first filter I ever purchased, once I saw how it enhanced images, and provided some much …

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My approach to wildflower photography

In Equipment & Technique, Landscapes, Polarizing Filters, Portraits, Scenes & Scenarios by Adam BarkerLeave a Comment

It’s mid-August, which means depending on what neck of the woods you call home, wildflower season could very well be at its peak. Of all the seasons and natural events I enjoy shooting, wildflower season sits at the very top of the list. It is exciting, dynamic and fleeting. Capturing five-star wildflower landscapes is no easy task. Read on for some simple tips on how you can maximize your time in the field shooting wildflowers this year. 1. Do Your …

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Shooting summer wildflowers

In Equipment & Technique, Landscapes, Polarizing Filters, Scenes & Scenarios by Kevin McNealLeave a Comment

Kevin McNeal is a master at shooting wildflowers, as these photos attest. Here he discusses the one essential filter he uses for every one of his wildflower scenes and why. With summer comes the arrival of wildflowers, in all their glory. In my experience, one of the most challenging aspects of nature photography is successfully shooting wildflowers. But nothing is more rewarding when the outcome is what you’ve tried to achieve. I’ve made many mistakes over the past few years …

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10 Myths People Have About Professional Photographers

In Corporate/Commercial, Equipment & Technique, Landscapes, Polarizing Filters, Scenes & Scenarios by Don SmithLeave a Comment

I have had the good fortune to make a living with my camera for the past 40 years. I picked up my first camera at age 13 and have never stopped being fascinated with creating images. During my teen years, I had absolutely no desire to be a professional photographer. I loved sports and was absorbed in the world of snow ski racing. Every year, without fail, I would round up my friends and see the latest Warren Miller ski …

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A perspective on filters… I’ve got hiking boots that cost more than most of them!

In Equipment & Technique, Landscapes, Polarizing Filters, Scenes & Scenarios, Wildlife by Steve KossackLeave a Comment

We welcome Singh-Ray’s most prolific blogger back to our new blog! Steve shares his perspective on using filters and setting priorities when it comes to the quality of your images. Each of my Singh-Ray filters is actually among the least expensive elements in my photo gear. Not only do I have hiking boots that cost more than most of them, almost everything I’m carrying does, from my backpack to my camera gear. And pound for pound, they deliver the best …

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How I Found My Vision

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Our thanks to Cole for sharing his thoughts on a subject that is rarely discussed with such insight. The Angel Gabriel Why do I focus on Vision so much? It’s because I believe that Vision is what makes an image great. It’s what makes the difference between a technically perfect image and one with feeling. It’s what makes your images unique. Great images do not come about because of equipment and processes, but rather from Vision that drives these tools …

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Photographing Lightning at the Grand Canyon

In Equipment & Technique, Landscapes, ND Filters, Polarizing Filters, Scenes & Scenarios by Gary HartLeave a Comment

If you are thinking of photographing lighting at the Grand Canyon – or anywhere else – this post by Gary Hart is a must-read. It was the bolt atop the ridge directly in front of me that finally got my attention. For over an hour I’d been photographing the eastward progress of a dazzling thunderstorm just north of what had been a safe vantage point. Mesmerized by the frequency and intensity of its activity, I’d failed to register the storm’s …