Prayer, Meditation, and Singh-Ray – Joe Dimaggio

In Landscapes by Joe DiMaggio

Honesty is the best policy. After over a half a century of making photographs and paintings I can tell when someone is not particularly happy with something that I generated for them. My philosophy is very simple; if my client is not happy, then I am very unhappy. My motivation has never been money.  My motivation is to generate the best possible image (and words) for the client.


Singh-Ray has in your repertoire some of the finest landscape photographers on the planet today. Landscapes are not something I normally do with any regularity. There is a very small waterfall twenty miles from my studio that I use for prayer and meditation. Especially in the times we now live in. 90% of the time I am there alone and I love going on rainy days, snowy days, icy days, any day that would keep the average person home reading a book, or watching television. After receiving my two filters from Singh-Ray filters, I decided I would incorporate them the other day in my photography. There are two photos that will be part of an exhibition at MoMA in South America, and part of the permanent collection at Sloan Kettering (they’ve been saving my life for the last six years). Approximately five years ago I made a conscious decision to remove all of my sponsors on all of my social media platforms. I also decided maybe it was time not to do workshops, lectures, magazine articles, etc. That decision may or may not be cast in bronze today, I don’t know. Please see a few photographs taken over the last 72 hours. There are hundreds of filter manufacturers and probably all of them are considerably less money than Singh-Ray, but there is an old adage; you get what you pay for. So if you have an $1800 lens and you put a $9 filter on it (an additional air glass surface) which was not designed as part of the optical formula well, guess what’s probably going to happen. Put a Singh-Ray on that same lens and it may not have been designed for that specific piece of glass but man it looks great. I have also been using the Singh Ray Color Intensifier.