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Tony Sweet

In by Tony Sweet

“I’ve been using Singh-Ray filters exclusively for over 20 years. I’ve compared them all and there are no other filters, in my opinion, that come close in terms of optical quality and color accuracy.”

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Tim Fitzharris

In by Tim Fitzharris

“I rely on Singh-Ray filters to produce the type of images that editors expect for publication. Their peerless optical quality, durability and often innovative design make my work easier and more enjoyable.”

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Mark Lissick

In by Mark Lissick

“I’ve used a Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter for years and it has never failed me, even under the most severe shooting conditions. Its optical quality and durability exemplifies the performance I’ve come to expect from Singh-Ray filters.”

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Greg Boratyn

In by Greg Boratyn

“I’ve been using Singh-Ray filters for many years, obtaining results I wasn’t able to achieve with other brands. The color accuracy and optical quality is just outstanding.”

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George Lepp

In by George Lepp

“Singh-Ray filters have been a part of my photographic tools for a very long time because of their optical quality and unique formulation. Always in my backpack are the LB ColorCombo polarizer and Mor-Slo solid neutral density filters.”

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Colleen Miniuk

In by Colleen Miniuk

“To help me render my personal vision and make the absolute best photograph I can in the field, I only use the best. No other filters equal the color accuracy and optical quality Singh-Ray consistently provides.”

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Chuck Kimmerle

In by Chuck Kimmerle

“When capturing a fleeting moment in time, the filters I place between my subject and my camera have to be perfect. Anything less is unacceptable. Singh-Ray filters provide me with the level of exceptional optical quality I demand.”

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Galen Rowell Graduated Neutral Density (ND) Filters

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Produce exciting, realistic images that contain the full contrast of the scene, in a single exposure, right in the camera. Singh-Ray pioneered these filters with legendary landscape photographer Galen Rowell. While they have since been copied by virtually every filter manufacturer, our Rowell grads remain the industry standard for optical quality and color fidelity.

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Photographing Wildlife with Filters

In Equipment & Technique, Polarizing Filters, Scenes & Scenarios, UV Filters, Wildlife by Vinny Colucci1 Comment

I have a large selection of various Singh-Ray filters.  Filters, to me, are about controlling light. When we think of using filters, most of us are thinking landscape photography. It just so happens that controlling light with filters is equally important when photographing wildlife. I use two filters when photographing wildlife: the Singh-Ray Polarizing Filter and the Hi-Lux Filter. Both have their value in different situations and both are necessary to optimize the image quality. There are two types of …

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LB “Lighter, Brighter” Neutral Circular Polarizers (CPL Filter)

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Singh-Ray LB Neutral Polarizers deliver the best optical resolution and color fidelity of any polarizer on the market. Our LB polarizer also brings 2/3-stop more light to your viewfinder, making it easier to compose and focus accurately in early morning and late afternoon light. If you prefer the slightly cooler tone of a traditional polarizer, this is the one for you.