Singh-Ray filters for video
If you shoot video, you need Singh-Ray filters
Today, virtually every high-performance camera also shoots HD video. Are you taking advantage of that storytelling opportunity, like Bob Krist, three-time winner of the Society of American Travel Writers’ “Travel Photographer of the Year” award?

“I have a Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter on my camera or camcorder every time I shoot video outdoors. And I use their Graduated NDs to balance sky and foreground exposure, same as I do with still shots.” — Bob Krist
“Singh-Ray filters are indispensable in my video work. The market is flooded with cheap imitations, but I want neutral color rendition and an image that doesn’t fall apart when I’m using a longer lens, I only trust Vari-NDs and Graduated NDs.
Unlike digital still photography, there is very little dynamic range and no room for exposure error with video. Even at low ISO, on a sunny day at 1/50th of a second, you may run out of small apertures and still be overexposed. And if you want to shoot wide open outdoors for that creamy bokeh? You’re out of luck, unless you’ve got a Vari-ND.” — Bob Krist

See some of the outstanding video Bob Krist is shooting, using Singh-Ray filters.
“When I have new creative ideas, such as capturing extremely long daylight exposures, I’ve looked to Singh-Ray filters to help achieve them. As I move more deliberately into video capture, the Singh-Ray ND filters allow me to maintain wide-open apertures to control shallow depth of field. I can’t predict how my photography will change in the future, but I expect Singh-Ray will be a part of it. Because every time I’ve upped my game, so has Singh-Ray.” — George Lepp