Twinkling Luminary Filter


Twinkling Luminary, a star or “cross” filter, create a “starburst” effect. Turn your commonplace scenes into extraordinary, memorable photos by adding sparkle to bland shots.

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Enhance your common place scenes and routine images into extraordinary and memorable reflections with extra sparkle for your festive moments for the 2018 holiday season.

The Twinkling Luminary filter, a 6 point cross filter, creates a “starburst” effect illuminating your subject while the overall definition remains unaffected.

The Twinkling Luminary filter transforms the brightness of the sun, the light source in the scene, into a photo that enhances nature’s sparkle effect.

The Twinkling Luminary filter can be used to enhance the light of day or night while
taking a common photo of city skylines, lamp posts, gaslights, sun reflections off water, morning dew, etc., adding drama to your photo.

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