Mindshift Filter Nest


Singh-Ray has reviewed and used many filter cases over the years. We recommend The Filter Nest, from Mindshift Gear. The Filter Nest features padded protection and a plush liner that won’t scratch glass or resin or cause fogging, like the plastic liners in many filter cases.

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The padded, zippered pouch provides optimum protection in the field and the removable insert is ideal for compact packing. Color-coding improves organization, fits 8 round filters including 2 variable NDs and eliminates plastic cases in the bag. Belt-mountable to provide quick access to filters when setting up a shot. Grab-handle with SR buckle also enables you to hang the Filter Nest from a tripod. Front zippered pocket fits a lens cloth.

The Filter Nest holds:

  • 8 circular filters (up to 82mm)
  • 2 variable NDs
  • Step up/down rings, cleaning cloth, lens caps, lens pen and more.

The Filter Nest Mini holds:

  • 4 circular filters (up to 82mm)
  • 1 variable ND
  • Step up/down rings, cleaning cloth, lens caps, lens pen and more.

Dimensions (Filter Nest)

  • External pouch: 8.1″ W x 4.3″ H x 3.0″ D
  • Removable filter insert: 7.3″ W x 3.7″ H x 1.8″ D
  • Round filter slots: 3.4″ W x 3.5″ H

“If you’re only carrying a couple NDs with your circular filters or just circular filters, the Filter Nest is a perfect solution to organizing and protecting these valuable tools. And you can hang it from your tripod or wear it on your belt for quick, convenient access.” ~ Don Smith