Singh Ray Graduated Filters


Select Density 1-Stop 2-Stop 3-Stop 4-Stop
Select Option Mountain V1 Mountain V2 Hard Edge Neutral Density (ND) Orange Density (OD) Pink Density (PD) Soft Edge
Select Size 66 x 100mm 75 x 90mm 75 x 120mm 84 x 120mm 100 x 150mm 130 x 185mm 150 x 170mm 150 x 225mm
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  1. Singh Ray Graduated Filters
    5 out of 5

    These Sing_Ray neutral density graduation filters I routinely double and triple-stacked throughout my profession, that made images on ASA 50 – 100 slide film possible, that not even the top professional cameras can do today without them. Thanks for all the $$$$ friends!

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