Using the Singh-Ray ColorCombo with ND Grads to control the complete picture

In Landscapes, ND Filters, Polarizing Filters by Dave Hutchison

When I realized I’m living in one of the world’s most scenic areas. I am now striving to promote nature conservation through my outdoor photography, and I am also discovering the benefits of using Singh-Ray filters for optimum results when shooting landscapes.

I first discovered the importance of using Singh-Ray Graduated ND filters (ND Grads) to produce landscape images with just the right balance between nature’s bright skies and shadowy foregrounds. More recently, I’ve discovered that my Singh-Ray LB ColorCombo is equally important to almost all of my outdoor photography. Whether I’m shooting in a soggy wet forest, near a waterfall, or anywhere in the wide-open spaces,  the polarizer built into my ColorCombo blocks harsh reflections and improves color saturation. At the same time, the LB Color Intensifier in the ColorCombo gently strengthens the green and earth tones in the image just enough to keep everything looking ‘naturally natural.’

The LB ColorCombo provides the lighter, brighter color and contrast that my customers want as a souvenir from the West Coast. Now ‘permanently’ fixed on my Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 lens, I set my LB ColorCombo for the look and feel I would like to see in the sky and water. With consistently bright skies (even at sunset or sunrise), I use my Singh-Ray ND Grads to ‘hold back’ the sky — enabling me to add ‘light’ to an often dark foreground. When the ND grads are used with the LB color combo, the results can be stunning. Depending on the image (ie. fast moving water) I can often have a single image in the camera that needs little post processing.  The photo above was taken at Torrweep, Grand Canyon NP and the image below is from North Saanich on Vancouver Island.

Now that I’m using both an ND Grad and the ColorCombo to capture my landscape images, I really feel in control of my imaging process. I’ve gained more confidence to help other serious photographers discover the importance of filters in their work. I am offering a series of three-day workshops in Tofino and Bute Inlet throughout 2013. I have a studio/gallery in Sidney where people can come to view my finished work.

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