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We’ve been artfully creating the highest-quality camera filters for more than 50 years and we challenge you to find better filters anywhere else! From our first day, our #1 goal has been to develop the filters you need, with the highest-possible quality and performance — so you can consistently capture whatever your creative vision imagines.

When you order a filter from us, we literally make it for you. Singh-Ray filters are produced one-at-a-time here in Florida using our proprietary processes, and family traditions that have been skillfully passed down over 3 generations!  None of our filters has or ever will come off a mass-production line, and each-and-every filter we ship out is painstakingly inspected by actual humans, using state-of the-art tools and technology.

Our founder, Bob Singh, never compromised on quality, and we pride ourselves on carrying that tradition forth with the greatest respect for his techniques and unrivaled integrity.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what these critically-acclaimed photographers have said about Singh-Ray Camera Filters:

“I could not do what I do behind the lens without Singh-Ray filters in front of the lens. Even in this day and age of cutting-edge software and post-processing techniques, I’ve yet to find an approach as straightforward as using quality filters at the time of capture. Singh Ray filters yield images with rich, bold color and detail throughout. They are simply indispensable!” — Adam Barker

“Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, Singh-Ray filters have given me a greater return in both dollars and otherwise impossible images than any equipment I own.” — Galen Rowell

View our Singh-Ray Pro Galleries to see what other photographers have said and done with Singh-Ray Filters — and then try them for yourself to see what a dramatic effect Singh-Ray Filters can have on photos taken by photographers at all skill-levels and abilities.

And, as always, if you don’t see the filter you need – or have an idea for a new or improved one – give us a call. Chances are we can make it for you!

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