Scott Fisher’s very brief trip to Iceland was nevertheless rewarding

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As a professional video producer/editor based in Boston, Scott Fisher has also taken on landscape photography as a serious hobby to help him learn more about framing and exposure. “I realized a few years ago how using filters would step up my game as a landscape photographer. I have always used neutral density filters in my video work so I was a bit embarrassed that it took me so long to start using them in my still photography. “I currently …

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 Waning Light at Black Sand Beach, Vik, Iceland. Sony a7RIV, Sony 24-105mm, f/14, 30 seconds, ISO 100, Singh-Ray 5-stop Mor-Slo ND French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson by all accounts was the earliest pioneer of street photography and a master at capturing unique candid moments – later to be termed a “decisive moment.” He was also a co-founder of Magnum Photos. In 1952, Cartier-Bresson published a book of images that was titled in English, “The Decisive Moment.” It included a portfolio of …

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Playing on the Beach with Singh-Ray Filters

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Winter is my favorite time to photograph the beautiful beaches of the West Coast. Recently I was able to get out for a two-night adventure to Second Beach in Olympic National Park in Washington. Second Beach is one of my favorite beaches in the world, and I was incredibly excited to hike on it again. I was there to film a new episode of my video series “Out in the Filed with Randall J Hodges”. I was hoping for great …

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Go With The Flow

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(Singh-Ray LB Color Combo) Wildflower abstract, Tehachapi Mountains, Angeles National Forest, California Previsualization is an often used term in landscape photography – the process of researching a location, determining the perspective through lens selection, framing, and forming a solid image in your mind’s eye before ever arriving at a scene or tripping the shutter.  Ansel Adams referred to it often as “the ability to anticipate a finished image before making the exposure”, and it was a favorite expression of other …

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I just used the neutral

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I just used the neutral polarizer for mobile phones. It is absolutely fantastic. The effect is subtle when used to darken skies, and this is very good. Some polarizers leave weird halos. However, the real magic can be experienced when photographing water. When I was up in the hills of India (Bhimtal), I used this to shoot the mountain stream, and the effect was dramatic. Colours are reproduced perfectly. The filter does not modify the natural colours of nature. The …