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Hi-Lux Filter
Singh-Ray's unique formula for the new Hi-Lux filter combines protection for your front lens element along with a slight warming effect plus special characteristics to assure the best possible color quality, contrast and edge separation under various lighting conditions

Hi-Lux™ Filter affords full-time lens protection plus enhanced optical performance
  • Designed to maintain peak acuity and chromatic clarity for both film and digital images.
  • Improves flesh tones --particularly when using electronic fill flash.
  • Assures the best possible color quality, contrast, and edge separation under various lighting conditions.
  • Warming effect is slightly less than that of an 81-A filter.
  • Available in standard filter-ring sizes from 52 to 77mm, and to fit the Cokin "P" and Lee Size filter holders.
  • Non-standard filter sizes available upon request.

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Standard profile thickness: 5.5mm more info
Thin Ring profile thickness: 3.7mm more info

© Photo by Jon Sheppard with Singh-Ray Hi-Lux Filter on 35-mm color slide film
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"I find the Hi-Lux filter to be very subtle yet impressive," says western landscape photographer Jon Sheppard. "Much of my scenic shooting is done at elevations above 5,000 feet, where the soft warming effect of the Hi-Lux helps offset the coolness of the light. It also makes a nice difference in open shade and flash-fill portraits. I've decided to use the Hi-Lux for all my work."

If you use a plain glass UV filter on your lens to protect its front element from scratches, here's good news. The new Hi-Lux Filter from Singh-Ray will not only serve the same protective purpose but it will also provide superior optical performance.

Singh-Ray's unique filtration formula for the new Hi-Lux filter combines front lens element protection along with a slight warming effect--to enhance flesh tones--plus certain special characteristics that assure the best possible color quality, contrast and edge separation under various lighting conditions--outdoors, indoors, and flash. The filter's warming effect is slightly less than that of an 81-A filter.

The visible effects of the Hi-Lux are quite subtle but important for critical work. Improvements are quite often seen in flesh tones--particularly when using electronic fill flash. The Hi-Lux is specifically designed to maintain peak acuity and chromatic clarity for both film and digital images.

Singh-Ray offers the Hi-Lux filter in a wide variety of sizes. Each Singh-Ray Hi-Lux Filter is shipped in a protective leather filter case with an optical-cloth liner.

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