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If you're ready to learn more about Singh-Ray Filters, this 24-page digital catalog includes detailed information on our full line, illustrated with stunning photographs from today's top outdoor photographers: (in alphabetical order)

  • Joel Addams
  • John Barclay
  • Adam Barker
  • Russ Bishop
  • Tom Bol
  • Ben Chase
  • Jon Cornforth
  • Marco Crupi
  • Joe DiMaggio
  • Thierry Hennet
  • Michael James
  • Alec Johnson
  • Steve Kossack
  • Ricardo La Piettra
  • Kevin McNeal
  • Ethan Meleg
  • Chris Moore
  • Stephen Oachs
  • Jim Patterson
  • E.J. Peiker
  • Joe Rossbach
  • Brian Rueb
  • Ernesto Santos
  • Tony Sweet
  • Kevin Thompson
  • Richard Thompson
  • Cole Thompson
  • Nevada Wier
  • Dale Wilson

These photographers agree that getting the image right in the camera is still the best way to get the shot you visualize. Learn how Singh-Ray Filters help you discover the potential of your photography and capture more of what you're shooting for!

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