More and more digital shooters are discovering how they can create dramatic, impactful black & white images with a variety of Singh-Ray filters, including the Mor-Slo, Vari-ND, Color Intensifier, Gold-N-Blue Polarizer, ColorCombo Polarizer and Graduated NDs.

Here’s what some pro photographers have said regarding the use of Singh-Ray Filters for black & white photography…


Cole Thompson
Black & White Photography w/ Vari-ND & Mor-Slo

“To create my long exposure images, I use a Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter and stack a second 5–stop or 10-stop Mor-Slo fixed ND filter on top of that. I always use a Vari-ND for long exposures for two important reasons. First, I can open up the Vari-ND for easier composing. At 18 stops, it’s almost impossible to see anything. With the Vari-ND, I can allow more light to enter the viewfinder so I can compose the image and then I stop down for the exposure. The second Vari- ND advantage is that I can use the variable feature of the filter to adjust my exposure instead of using the aperture. This allows me to set my aperture I want to control depth of field.”    ~ Cole Thompson

Tony Sweet
Black & White Photography w/ a 15-stop Mor-Slo & Very Long Exposures

“There’s just one word to describe this filter… wow! In harsh daylight with slowly moving clouds, 5 or 10 stops may not be enough to achieve the effect I’m looking for. The 4-minute exposure above was made in late morning on Clingman’s Dome in the Great Smokies. Those who shoot a lot of long-exposures know that 4-minute and 2-minute exposures can look completely different. 15 stops let me shoot at f14 for greater sharpness and still be able to get longer exposure times.”    ~ Tony Sweet

Chuck Kimmerle
Black & White Photography w/ a 10-stop Mor-Slo & Neutral (ND) Polarizing Filters

“When capturing a fleeting moment in time, the filters I place between my subject and my camera have to be perfect. Anything less is unacceptable. Singh-Ray filters provide me with the level of exceptional optical quality I demand.”    ~ Chuck Kimmerle

Alec Johnson
Black & White Photography w/ the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer

“When color is an important feature of the subject, I shoot in color. But when heavy clouds soften the light and create a nearly monochrome landscape like Bandon Beach, I immediately begin to shoot for black and white. The Singh-Ray Gold-N-Blue Polarizer works much like the color filters that photographers once used with B&W film. One of the magical results produced by this filter is the additional depth and dimension it gives my subject matter. As I view the image above, I can really feel a three-dimensional quality to the twin stacks that I’m able to achieve only when using the Gold-N–Blue.”    ~ Alec Johnson

Loscar Numael
Black & White Photography with the LB ColorCombo

“Not only is the LB ColorCombo an indispensable tool for my color photography, it’s also my go-to filter for B&W. It allows me to achieve consistent tonality – and by cutting reflection and glare, smoother tonal transitions. The color intensifying feature of the ColorCombo gives me better separation of tones in post processing – and the polarizer in the filter adds drama. And, although it’s not as dark as the Mor-Slo ND filters, the amount of light the ColorCombo reduces is perfect for introducing long exposure effects.”    ~ Loscar Numael

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