Even after transitioning to Fuji X system, Denise Silva found she could still count on her Singh-Ray filters to perform

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To say I am a fan of Singh-Ray filters would be an understatement. I carry an assortment of these bad boys everywhere I go. My collection includes the 15-Stop Mor-Slo, Vari-N-Trio, I-Ray Infrared, Gold-N-Blue, and various ND filters. Up until recently, I owned 77mm diameter lenses, but in January I did a complete switch to the Fuji X system. On my first outing with the new gear, it crossed my mind that my filters, which were purchased to fit my …

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Take a look back at a great year with Singh-Ray filters

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Dawn at Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii Canon 5DMKIII, 24mm, 6 minutes, f/16, ISO 100, Singh-Ray Vari-N-Duo Looking back at 2013, I was fortunate to photograph incredible landscapes from Eastern Utah to Hawaii and many places in-between. Of course, my Singh-Ray filters were always with me and are an integral part of my success. During my Kauai Workshop this past June, I had my group on location at Hanalei Bay for first light. I love the soft hues of early morning …

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Looking for the locations that may become icons for future photographers

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Steve Kossack now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, which enables him to reach many of the most iconic natural wonders in the American West within just a few hours of driving. “What I have found amazing is how differently I respond to a scenic area after exploring it many times. This is especially true for those locations I have explored to the point that I wonder if I have exhausted all their visual possibilities. Of course the landscape does not …

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For a change of pace, shoot ABOVE the surface of Hawaii’s coastal waters

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To follow the ventures of nature photographer Jon Cornforth over the past couple of years, you would need a boatload of scuba and underwater photogear. “Photographing the lives of all the various whales and other underwater wildlife has demanded almost all my time and attention. But there are those brief occasions when I have time to use my Canon 5DmkIII with Zeiss lenses and Singh-Ray Filters to capture some impressive scenes above water. Here are four recent examples. I photographed …